Paranormal Phenomena in British Witchcraft and Wiccan Culture with Special Reference to Spellcraft.

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 2007, 71.2, (887), 65-79

This paper analyses the claims of practising witches in order to assess the validity of their pronouncements. This was undertaken by extensive fieldwork contacting groups of witches, covens and individual practioners around England. In particular witches' claims to have healing powers by spellcraft were explored and compared to Christians' use of prayer. The paper starts with information about rituals, spells and the use of magic in witchcraft, and provides examples from historical and modern sources. It then moves on to analysing the results of questionnaires sent to both witches and Christians. The conclusion discusses how persuasive the evidence is for a belief in paranormal phenomena being evident in contemporary witchcraft culture.

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