Morgan le Fay (Morganna)
Sister of King Arthur
Owain mab Urien 510
Withur d'Acqs de Leon
Auscoch d'Acqs de Leon
Fratelle verch Osoche 580 (female)
Riwallon of Poher Cornouaille 607
Waroch of Poher 630-692
Riwallon of Poher 680-720
Daniel of Poher 710-740
Budic of Poher 740
Erispoe of Poher 775-812
Nominoe of Brittany 800-851
Erispoe of Brittany
Daughter of Erispoe (female)
married Gurvand
Daughter of Gurvand (female)
Poppa de Bayeux 875 (female)

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