A Ganzfeld Experiment Using Musical Targets

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 1996, 61, (842), 1-17

An ESP Ganzfeld experiment was set up using music as the target. 100 trials were carried out, mainly in Essex, over a period of 15 months. 120 different people participated in the trials, as Receivers, Senders and Helpers. Some attended more than one session and played more than one role. A hit rate of 25% was expected by chance and a hit rate of 24% was achieved, which therefore is not significant. However, the first 50 trials produced a hit rate of 32%, which could suggest that the initial feelings of excitement may have contributed to greater psychic awareness. A group of judges blind to the sequence of targets were employed to study the results, and their scoring confirmed that a few subjects had scored significantly above chance. Other factors such as age and sex also provided specific information.

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